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Wilder World Isn't a Game. It's THE Game.

Most people think Wilder World is just a racing game. In reality, a far grander vision is under development.
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Wilder World Metaverse

Since the mission to create Wilder World first reached a tangible form in 2021, the project, and its team, have been one of the most misunderstood on the planet.

As it pertains to the team, the misunderstandings are consequences of a deeply thought-out strategy to maintain an aura of mystery and a shield of anonymity around the core team members. While there are very good reasons for this, it certainly, at least in the early days of the project, generated many questions regarding the legitimacy of the project, and rightfully so. During that time period—a crypto bull run that spectacularly collapsed—fraud was so prevalent in the industry that it was considered the norm. It still is, to a lesser degree (hopefully).

A group of masked, anon Wilders on a mission to achieve the impossible were sure to raise some eyebrows.

Wilder World

In those days, despite native utility token $WILD pumping to nearly $7 and a $500 million market cap, hardly anyone in the Web3 industry talked about the project aside from the deeply integrated community.

Now, Wilder World is one of the talks of the Web3 gaming town alongside renowned projects like Parallel and Illuvium, each in prime position to take full advantage of the new crypto bull market and launch their games after hunkering down in the bear market to focus on development and survive. But while, at least from my perspective, Web3 gaming fans have a solid core understanding of Parallel, Illuvium, and other games, they still, to be blunt, don't have a clue what Wilder World actually is.

Let's talk about it.

A Better Version of the Ready Player One Vision

In teaching people about Wilder World over the years, I've always found the simplest way to get through to people is this: Wilder World is Ready Player One made possible through amazing new technology but an evil corporation doesn't own and control the virtual universe and its profits—the players do.

And I find RP1 to be a great starting point for Wilder World because The Oasis and the entire concept that the story provides is, up to this point, humanity's best attempt at envisioning, and depicting in film, the greatest video game that could ever exist. It's born from a question along the lines of: if anything was possible, what would the best video game ever be? What would be THE game?

Wilder World Wiami
Wilder World's city of Wiami

And it's exactly from that type of question that Wilder World is being born in front of us. A place where, eventually, assuming the best-case scenario works out, a person will be able to engage in any virtual experience imaginable.

The Wilders aren't building Wilder World to be a game. They're building it to be THE game.

The one that unites a global population of gamers for decades. The one that makes the vision of the metaverse a reality. The one that spawns a viable network state. The one that provides governance and infrastructure models for real-world governments to follow. The one in which movies are filmed, new virtual industries are born, people meet their spouses for the first time, millionaires are created through play, and so much more.

Where We Stand

Let's focus on today. Most people talking about Wilder World nowadays believe it's just a racing game.

But the Wilders' efforts and communications demonstrate their commitment to building "The Simulation" powered by technology from Wilder World's sister company Zero, which I believe will be the first company to successfully productize simulations (and eventually become one of the world's top companies).

You can think of The Simulation as the Wilder Version of RP1's Oasis; if you've been paying close enough attention, you see the moves made to bring this vision to life.

The Wilder Approach

2024 has been an incredible year for Wilder World, chock-full of major announcements and consistent upgrades as the team continues to push towards launching Wiami, the first city in Wilder World. Much has been revealed about how the team approaches the project's most important element: the gaming experience.

Outside of racing, which they've recruited racing gaming legends Aristotelis Vasilakos and Marcus Reynolds to lead, Wilder World is working on RPG and combat elements as well.

Wilder World Gaming

The thesis is simple. Grand Theft Auto is tremendously popular largely because it contains racing, combat, and RPG elements. But each is terrible compared to dedicated genre games; for example, GTA combat is nowhere close to Call of Duty.

Wilder World is taking the approach of making the world's greatest racing game, the world's greatest RPG, and the world's greatest combat game, and putting them all in the largest virtual world ever. The key is that each game must be able to stand on its own and compete successfully in its genre. The target for Wilder World racing, for example, is being a better racing simulator than Formula 1, Assetto Corsa, and Forza.

If successful in achieving these missions (and of course other elements fit in as needed), Wilder World will be the greatest game ever created. It will be THE game.

Notably, Wilder World has also recently partnered with Samsung, Epic Games, NVIDIA, Polygon & Celestia, and MetaGravity—all technical partnerships with purposes specific to making Wilder World a better experience, more scaleable, and better able to be distributed to the world. It's a refreshing approach in a Web3 industry that typically opts for flashy brand/IP partnerships that don't do much other than stir up hype.

And it's the same approach the Wilders have taken since Day 1. No BS, no noise. At the end of the day, if they succeed in building THE game, everything else will take care of itself. So focus on building it.

Additional Thoughts about Wilder World, Zero, and the Metaverse

  1. People have typically laughed at the Wilders for building resorts and spas within Wiami. They won't be laughing when they can plug their brains into the simulation and experience them as if they're real.
  2. The potential for a virtual economy to scale, if integrated into a premiere simulation experience, is being vastly underestimated.
  3. No team in Web3 iterates better and faster than Wilder World.
  4. Wilder World's recent partnership announcements legitimize the project above and beyond any other Web3 game/metaverse project in the industry.
  5. Wilder World, if they aren't already, will be better at creating content than any other team in the industry because, among a variety of other reasons, they built an internal trailer/film team instead of looking externally for support. This is a massive marketing edge that we're only just now starting to see the power of.
  6. Wilder World is only the beginning. Once the second massive virtual experience onboards to ZSPACE (Zero's world-building software development kit), we have truly begun.
  7. Most companies focus on one problem. They're AR, VR, AI, Web3 domains, etc. But they're all just fragments of a much larger puzzle. Zero, on the other hand, is seemingly working to solve most of Web3's grandest problems simultaneously while also being deeply integrated into the leading photorealistic metaverse platform. It's this competitive advantage that other tech companies won't be able to easily replicate.
  8. We haven't seen a glimpse of Wilder World AR in years. I think we're in for a massive surprise.
  9. The metaverse is—considering it will be the union of so many under-development cutting-edge technologies like blockchain, VR & AR, and AI—the most complicated and profound technical problem to solve in history. The eventual realization of the concept should be considered a miracle at worst, and an act of divine intervention at best. Its creators will be revered as heroes by humans and as gods by the sentient AI beings that come to inhabit the virtual multiverse of worlds that spawn as a result of their creation.

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