Deep Dive: MUPPETH

Without a doubt, MUPPETH is the most ridiculous project we've ever seen. No one knows what's going on BTS, but we have a theory...
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Deep Dive: MUPPETH

We're beginning to sense what has the inklings to become the next viral movement in Web3. A project so immediately intriguing, both in design and in messaging, that we simply had to write about it.

Introducing the worst community on the internet.

This is everything you need to know about MUPPETH.


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Still unrevealed, MUPPETH has captured the attention of the Web3 community like very few projects before it.

There's no engagement farming. No big promises of utility or holder benefits. All MUPPETH has done is preview art and build a grassroots movement centered around one core message: this is going to be the worst NFT project ever and it's going to zero.

Wait, what?

That's right. If you check out the project's Twitter post replies, it's full of people FUDing the project into the ground. But that's the entire point.

The rallying cry of this project, and all of the marketing centered around it, is genius, quite frankly. It stands out immediately and pulls people in. It demands attention.

If you check out the project's roadmap, you'll see promises like "Place our liquidity in banks that'll go bankrupt in 6 months," and "Announce events and then cancel them."

It's funny. It's viral. It's must-watch.

So, who's behind all of this?

Samy LaCrapule - Co-Founder, Artist
Jojo - Co-Founder, Strategy
Dadi - Communication and Marketing

Fueled by the art of SuperRare artist Samy LaCrapule—a Paris-based artist, designer, and director who has worked with Adidas, Audemars Piguet, Vogue, and many more—the MUPPETH team is focused on bringing together the world of fashion and Web3.

That's pretty much all we know about the direction of the project at this point.

And yes, in case you were wondering, the team participates in the FUD as well.


MUPPETH has kicked off its Web3 journey on April 16th with a collection of 6,966 NFTs with a very unique art style. Like the marketing and communications strategy, it immediately stands out from everything we've seen in Web3 and is entirely unforgettable.

"These are not 1/1s."

The collection features ten characters, each with 15 unique hairstyles. 80 different skins, eight poses, and three camera angles will be used to generate the final PFP images of the collection.

Today, there is no sense of what these NFTs will provide holders, but that's precisely by design.

With holders of MUPPETH NFTs maintaining zero expectations and locked in on the mission of going to zero, it feels like something extraordinary is destined to happen. In this very unique scenario, just one big, bullish announcement could have the power to send off some serious fireworks in the secondary markets.

What could it be? Is MUPPETH hiding something?

We have an insane theory to share with you.

Something Big Must Be Coming, Right?

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