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Deep Dive: Metashima

Metashima is well-positioned to welcome the next era of Web3... one that will be remembered as a 3D revolution.
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Deep Dive: Metashima
The "MAG"

Launched in June of 2022 by Dimension Studio, a "World Leading Volumetric Capture, Metaverse & Virtual Production Studio" redefining the production of realistic humans and avatars, Metashima is one of the most under-the-radar projects in the entire Web3 space.

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Like other projects we've covered, Metashima is a victim of Web3's PFP Golden Age, a time that will be remembered for static 2D images with cookie-cutter utility, rug pulls, and subpar project teams sucking liquidity out of the industry from communities promised the moon. For too long, world-class teams that produce ultra-high quality, metaverse-ready NFTs have been underappreciated in Web3. Thankfully, with the space slowly shifting towards a more gaming-heavy focus, change is on the horizon.

The 3D NFT revolution is coming; for projects like Metashima that are building for the long-term future of Web3, and the community members who have joined them, it will be a time of well-deserved prosperity. All roads lead to the open metaverse, and if you're already into 3D, metaverse-ready NFTs, all you need to do is sit tight while the rest of the world catches up. When it finally does, Metashima will be ready.



Metashima - Shimapaper 02
SHIMAPAPER Copyright 2022, General Systems Vehicle Ltd in partnership with Dimension Studio. LAST UPDATED: 24 JAN

Metashima is an Ethereum NFT project beloved by holders for its incredible art and innovations. On February 3rd, 2022, the Web3 community got its first glimpse of what would organically grow into a passionate collective of NFT lovers building toward the future of the metaverse.


Metashima #1842

The project features 14,159 metaverse droids meticulously that were crafted in Unreal Engine. The end result is truly world-class art that stands out from everything else in Web3 today.

For the Metashima team, utility is not an afterthought; they're here to innovate. The droids were created to help holders "explore virtual worlds, make new friends, and conquer future frontiers." Each comes with the following features:

Metashima Droid Features

The team envisions the metaverse co-existing with the real world through technology like Augmented Reality and built each Metashima to be a holder's "personal metaverse sidekick." Eventually, the droids will be able to accompany holders IRL through AR integrated eyewear and mobile devices.

In a sense, holding a Metashima is like having a much more compelling Siri at your disposal. They're geared to track holder fitness, share news updates and messages, order your coffee, and more!

"We believe that in the near future we will all have a presence in the metaverse. Through augmented reality the metaverse will co-exist and bleed into the world around us, while via virtual reality we’ll step through the picture to explore vast new virtual worlds. We see Metashima being there right beside you for extraordinary new adventures." - Simon Windsor, Founder of Metashima

Since the beginning, the team has been committed to delivering a wealth of NFT customization options to holders, like the ability to modify Metashima droids with skins, "straight-up smart" utilities, weaponry, and more.

Collection Details

Floor Price - .042 ETH
Unique Owners - 30%
Total Volume - 421 ETH
Listed - 3%


Metashima Holder Rewards Structure

The Metashima ecosystem is currently built on three collections with two more on the way. Each plays a key role in the future of the project's roadmap filled with future benefits for holders.

Metashima Ecosystem

Metashima - Lighting

Lightning was the first Metashima drop. Fondly called "Shima(s)" by holders, Lightning is a collection of 4,720 droids crafted using Autodesk 3ds Max, Unreal Engine, and Autodesk Maya. The NFTs sold out on June 19th, 2022.

The Lightning roadmap is laid out in four phases:

  • Collect - collect your virtual robots
  • Configure - customize and store your 3D Metashima in the MAG
  • Train - Level up your Metashima for Phase 4
  • TBA - "Awesomeness unleashed"

Metashima - Signature

A collection of ten extremely rare, custom 1 of 1 collectible Metashima droids. These were given out to token holders after the Lightning mint.


Metashima #7

Metashima - Obsidian Cell

Airdropped to every Metashima Lightning holder, these power units will provide holders the ability to power a MAG and future Obsidian Robotics products.

One Obsidian Cell already exists inside, and powers, every Metashima Lighting; however, after "The Shima Quest," Obsidian Robotics airdropped every Lightning holder an Obsidian Cell.

Each Obsidian Cell is one of eight DNA types which will inform aspects of the MAG. Their rarity is as follows: O1, B2, S3, I4, D5, I6, A7, N8.

Metashima - Accessory Pack 01

Accessory Pack 01 (AP1) is one of the first instances we've seen in the Web3 industry where an NFT becomes upgradeable with new traits. For .03 ETH, each Metashima holder can claim one AP1 on February 15th.

Obsidian Cell DNA and Paired Accessory

The team is using the drop as a way to add further utility to their NFTs in a unique, innovative way. At .03 ETH each, this drop's price aligns well with current market conditions and is fairly priced for the community.

Metashima - MAG

A collection of virtual, customizable garages built for modifying Metashima droids. MAGs will be airdropped to Metashima holders. MAG is "the most anticipated drop in the OR ecosystem" and will be the first virtual space for holders to interact with, and customize, their droid(s) as accessory drops happen.

Being built in Unreal Engine to serve as a 3D workshop and Shima training dojo, the MAG will become Metashima ecosystem participants' metaverse base station and entry point to portal into other metaverse worlds like (hypothetically) Decentraland, Wilder World, Hyperfy, etc. This is something that we have never seen done by an NFT project.

If the vision is achieved, it very well could end up being a world-first and establish a new utility meta for other projects to race to copy. As we've seen throughout Web3 history, projects that start new meta across art, marketing tactics, or utility perform extremely well on secondary markets.

Dimension Studio is the Real Deal

The Metashima Team has Worked on Incredible Projects with the World's Top Brands

Like some of the other projects we've covered in Deep Dives like KPR and Claynosaurz, Metashima brings a stacked team of highly qualified, world-class professionals to Web3.

Metashima was created by the team behind Dimension Studio—they have over a decade of experience creating virtual worlds and humans for film, TV, virtual reality, augmented reality, and the metaverse.

Collaborating with brands like DNEG (leading visual effects and animation studio honored with the Academy Award seven times), Balenciaga, Puma, and BBC Studios, the Dimension team has consistently proven that they are shaping the future of entertainment.

Neymar Jr’s Avatar x PUMA Black Station | Dimension
Dimension has created an avatar of Brazilian football legend Neymar for PUMA’s powerful new metaverse and web3 experience.

Being forward-thinking and innovative across new technology advancements has led to an abundance of fruitful work opportunities. According to the company, Dimension earned $6.5 million in revenue from 2020-2021, double the previous year. As the metaverse industry continues to grow, demand for Dimension's expertise grows alongside it.

Stepping onto Dimension Studio’s circular stage in Wimbledon, south-west London, you’re greeted by 106 cameras, which can volumetrically scan a person into a 360-degree digital human within seconds. That 3D capture can then be dropped into virtual worlds, from VR to gaming. The virtual production startup, which specializes in creating digital humans and virtual worlds for brands, operates two more volumetric capture stages, one in the north of England in Newcastle and a second across the Atlantic, a co-owned stage in Washington DC. It’s also the owner of a Polymotion portable truck, acting as a mobile capture studio. - Vogue Business

More recently, Dimension contributed to Whitney Houston: I Wanna Dance with Somebody by crafting 700 terabytes worth of volumetric capture to bring concert crowds to life.

Volumetric Capture

Uses multiple cameras to capture a three-dimensional space or object and then produce a 3D virtual representation that can be viewed on flat screens, 3D displays, and through VR goggles. 

Dimension helped the biopic fill stadiums with upwards of 70,000 virtual crowd members for key Houston performances, like her rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner at Superbowl XXV in 1991.


Bringing a vast treasure trove of experience to Web3, Metashima will ultimately help drive the entire Web3 industry forward. Greatness begets greatness, and as the team continues to raise the bar of what's possible in the industry, more resources and talent will be drawn in. As such, passionate Web3 participants should want to support teams like Metashima, which is made up of twelve key contributors listed below:

Simon - Creator
Yush - Creator
Ed - Creator
Jake - Community
Phil - Designer
Tessa - Marketing
Dan - Developer
Paul - Artist
Eddie - Developer
Dan TJ - Artist
Ben - Animator
Faye - Producer

"At the heart of everything we do, this project is about quality, execution, and doing it right." - Team Metashima

Key Lore

Obsidian Cell

Metashima droids are all custom-built in the Metashima Assembly Garage (MAG). They are the first product from Obsidian Robotics (OR), creators of the Obsidian Cell, an ultra-efficient energy source comparable to nuclear fusion that powers OR's products. Obsidian Robotics is headed up by ADA, the Chief Scientist and face of the company.

Production of the first Metashima, named Lightning, went smoothly; however, it was later discovered that an undetected failure caused an alteration within the Obsidian Cell which produced a variant Metashima DNA type—one with a darker side. These Metashima are codenamed "Shadow" and the effects of their corruption are not yet fully understood.

The Verdict

The future of Web3 is 3D. As more resources continue to pour into developing what will eventually become the metaverse, NFT projects will need to adapt to a new meta; one that forces everyone to level up in order to prepare for integration into the world's most prominent metaverse platforms.

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Instead of going the traditional route of 2D art to 3D assets, the Metashima team skipped ahead to be metaverse-ready immediately and will have no issues ensuring that their brand has a presence in the immersive worlds that we will all experience on a daily basis.

This project is well-equipped to navigate the complex, unpredictable future of the metaverse and has repeatedly proven how much they value community and the core values of the Web3 ethos.

With such powerful brand connections through their work as Dimension Studio, it's reasonable to expect that the future of Metashima will include powerful collaborative activations that further the value and recognition of the IP.

We're so glad that we took the time to dive into this project and discover all of its inner workings. Moving forward, we'll be sure to track its progress closely and keep our subscribers updated whenever newsworthy developments come up.

For more key info on the project, we recommend watching the team's Shimapaper Unpacked YouTube video that covers the future of Metashima and much more!

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