Deep Dive: Anybodies

Looking for Solana's next top NFT project? The search ends at Anybodies—this is your comprehensive guide.
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Deep Dive: Anybodies

The overwhelming majority of NFT projects are what we like to call "cookie-cutter projects." Does this utility stack sound familiar?

  • Launch a second collection or art upgrade
  • Merch
  • DAO
  • Staking for utility coin
  • "We're building a brand."

It's all complete and utter bullshit, isn't it? And yet, so many of these cookie-cutter projects that provide nothing worthy of standing out have attention, floor price, and royalty revenue advantages over a large percentage of the true builders of Web3, some of which we covered in our 2023 NFT Watch List.

Triana’s 2023 NFT Watch List
Nearly 6,000 words and hundreds of hours of research are unified in this report to guide your 2023 Web3 experience.

Covering Overlooked, Undervalued Builders is What We Do.

Like other projects we've elected to cover intensely, Anybodies stands out as a Screw You to the disappointing Web3 norms that NFT collectors have come to accept and valiantly defend (but only for projects they hold, lol).

As we take a comprehensive look at Anybodies, we'll discover a team dedicated to genuine innovation that will benefit the entire Solana ecosystem and also come to realize that, not only does Anybodies rightfully deserve to be in the conversation regarding the next top Solana project, but they also have a very clear path to achieve exactly that.

Looking back a decade from now, it's projects like Anybodies that will be remembered for pushing the Web3 space forward.

Let's dive into it.


Magic Eden

Known for high-profile partnerships, highly recognizable quality art, a community of high-conviction supportive holders, and the undisputed most active intern in all of Crypto Twitter, Anybodies is Solana NFT project that needs to be on your radar if it somehow isn't already.

Anybodies is a one-stop-shop for anyone looking to experience the full power of Web3, providing that through a combination of NFT, NFC, AR, and blockchain technology integrated into products that offer true physical-to-digital linked experiences, many of which will be in collaboration with some of the world's top brands.

The core founding team is fully doxxed and brings a wealth of relevant experience to the table. You can learn more about them below:

Elli De Gouveia - Co-Founder & CEO
Joss Aviv - Co-Founder & CTO
Xi Ding - Co-Founder & Creative Director

The Pillars of Anybodies

Anybodies is not a narrowly-focused project. There are grand visions being worked towards, each a complement of the others; not a distracting detractor. These visions can be summarized by what we see as three core pillars of the project: Onboard, Fashion, and Technology. Let's run through each of them.

Onboard: Building to Bring the World to Solana

Anybodies has recognized that NFTs provide an incredible opportunity for large brands to supercharge their rewards programs and acquire new customers. Instead of spending incredible sums of money and using 10+ months to create a joint rewards program promotion with another brand, they can instead utilize NFTs to get the job done in minutes.

Anybodies is building a platform to facilitate this type of activity and other customer acquisition mechanisms. In the process, Anybodies will potentially generate hundreds of millions of dollars in value for partners that use their platform.

"Each brand that uses Anybodies, they bring/create new modules and integrations on the Anybodies Platform. This creates a flywheel that ultimately results in the most comprehensive membership offering. What if a brand that is integrated with Anybodies could create turn-key loyalty partnerships with any other brand integrated with Anybodies? e.g. Toys R Us rewards are now available to Tay Keith Hoodie holders with a click of a button. a good example of this is Delta Air Lines partnering with Starbucks to combine their Loyalty programs which doubled both company's reach. Problem is it took them 10+ months to pull off vs using NFTs and Anybodies you can do it in minutes." - Ellihandro, Anybodies Co-Founder & CEO

We've been avid Solana participants since October of 2021, and were observers even before then. Out of everything to come from the ecosystem, this, by far, appears to be the greatest innovation to emerge from a Solana NFT project thus far. With well-set-up rewards, it has the power to provide almost incomprehensible value to Anybodies holders and onboard millions of new consumers to the Solana ecosystem.

Fashion: Web3 Merchandise Sucks. Anybodies Doesn't.

Everyone who has been in Web3 long enough knows that the merch, in general, is pretty terrible. Whether we're talking about quality or design, no one has assumed the mantle of bringing luxury fashion house-level products into the industry—until Anybodies.

While the overwhelming majority of NFT projects working to build a brand have done little to establish any infrastructure needed to actually do so, and have opted for cheap merchandise reminiscent of fraternity and sorority rush apparel, Anybodies spent 2022 readying itself to bring world-class fashion and other merchandise to the world. Here are some key actions they took:

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