How to Maximize Points in KPR's Citizenship Experience

If you're looking for an edge in KPR's Citizenship experience, this guide is your new best friend!
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How to Maximize Points in KPR's Citizenship Experience

What do you get when you combine an award-winning website, well-thought-out lore, and a quest system leading to epic rewards? An immediately gripping Web3 experience that makes acquiring Digital Collectibles suddenly feel refreshing and incredibly fun again.

KPR has launched an incredible holder-exclusive experience that is the project's newest demonstration of world-class quality, an established norm that the community has come to expect since the collection minted in early November of last year.

In centering this experience around the emerging revolution of digital identity (incredible article exploring this concept here) and gamifying the collecting experience to prioritize fun instead of unengaging, boring metrics like floor price, the KPR team is making a move that has virality and buying pressure inherently baked into it while also establishing the base-level framework needed to effectively integrate holders into the metaverse once it becomes a reality.

There's a lesson here that many other projects should take in stride and work to implement: focus on fun and experience first, and as a result, the growth will occur naturally and seem effortless.

Before we get started on the basics of this new gamified experience and then explore how to maximize points, if you're new to KPR, be sure to check out our project Deep Dive to get up to speed on the ins and outs of the project.

Deep Dive: KPR
Take a journey through the inner-workings of KPR, one of the most exciting NFT projects to emerge in 2022.

Marks, Badges, & Points

"Storia Obscura" Epic Mark

KPR's new system is built on a trinity of core components: badges, marks, and points. Each plays a pivotal role in maximizing the benefits of being a KPR holder and will unlock access to a variety of experiences and rewards.


Marks can be thought of as achievements earned by completing quests. Ranging from common to legendary, each offers a different completion reward depending on the level of difficulty. Marks are based on wallet content and KPR traits; if a KPR collectible is moved or sold to a different wallet, marks can be lost if another Keeper isn’t held which fulfills the same requirements.

Acquired Badges


Badges are achievements awarded to users based on their participation in the KPR ecosystem and are not removed if a KPR collectible is moved or sold to a different wallet. Badges are bound to a specific wallet and are not transferable.

Key Clarification: "Delist your KPR" refers the Keeper being used for your citizenship profile, not all of your Keepers.


If we're completing quests, we obviously need a way to keep score, right? Points are KPR's way of (at the most base level) rewarding holders for completing marks. These points are shown publicly on each holder's citizen profile page, and there have been hints that a leaderboard is on the way. Bring on the competition!

Sector 1

In the journey to catch 'em all, we begin with Sector 1 where 20 marks are up for grabs. We have been reassured that there will be lots of additional Sectors in the future; they will be made available as the world is co-created and new content is published.


Keeper (5 Points) - Hold at least one organic Keepers.
Of the 10,000 Keepers in existence, 100 are holo, and the rest are organic. Simply acquire one organic Keeper to complete this mark. This will be step 1 for 99.99% of people entering the KPR ecosystem; welcome to New Eden!

Pamp Fan (10 Points) - Hold at least one Keeper with 1 Pamp trait.
There are four Pamp traits in the KPR collection: Pamp Ushanka, Proof of Pamp, Pamp Jacket, and !Pamp. Acquire a Keeper with one of these traits to complete the mark.

Marked (15 Points) - Hold at least 1 Keeper with a normal tattoo.
There are two categories of tattoos in the KPR collection: luminar and non-luminar, or "normal." Acquire a Keeper with a non-luminar tattoo to complete this mark.

Keeper II (15 Points) - Hold at least three organic Keepers.
Simply acquire three organic Keepers to complete this mark.Weapon Ready (10 Points) - Hold at least one Keeper with any "Special" trait.
47 different special traits are spread across thousands of Keepers to choose from. Acquire a Keeper with a special trait to complete this mark.


Foodie (20 Points) - Hold one food-related and one drink-related trait. New Eden is home to two known food-related companies; Boon is a fast-food chain famous for their noodles, and Neon is a luxury sushi restaurant. To complete this mark, acquire one Keeper with the takeout trait, and one with the soda trait. Ignore other traits like BOON beanie and lollipop, only takeout and soda count for this mark.

Keeper III (30 Points) - Hold at least five organic Keepers.
Acquire five organic Keepers to complete this mark.

Spirit of Animus (30 Points) - Hold at least one Keeper accompanied by an Animus Spirit. faceless, irondog, and sentry.
There are three categories of Animus spirit in the collection: faceless, irondog, and sentry. Acquire a Keeper with a trait in one of those categories to complete this mark.

Serpent Guardian (30 Points) - Hold at least one Keeper with serpent affinity.
Serpents, of which there are four types, are some of the most recognizable and beloved traits in the entire KPR collection. Acquire a Keeper with one of them to complete this mark.


Pamp Pro (30 Points) - Hold at least one Keeper with two Pamp traits.
There are four Pamp traits in the KPR collection. One is a special (!Pamp), one is an outerwear (Pamp jacket), and two are headgear (Pamp ushanka and proof of Pamp). To earn this mark, you must hold a Keeper that has two of the traits; holding two Keepers with one trait each will not satisfy the requirement.

Claymore Gang (30 Points) - Hold at least one Keeper with the Claymore trait.
Like massive swords? Us too! Acquire a Keeper with a claymore to complete this mark.

Vanguard Aurum (40 Points) - Hold at least one 24k golden trait.
There are seven 24k golden traits in the collection spread across three categories: hand, outerwear, and headgear. Acquire a Keeper with one of the traits to complete this mark.

Storia Obscura (40 Points) - Hold at least one Keeper with hidden lore.
Some Keepers come with hidden lore, the most obvious being all Helena's Serpent Keepers. The rest have not been so easy to find and the community is continuing to work through this mark in the Discord. If you've earned this mark, make sure to pop in and share your discovery!

Meow Meow (50 Points) - Hold at least one Keeper with both OwO traits.
OwO traits don't exist separately; they are always found together. 68 Keepers exist that have the traits, acquire one to complete this mark.

Keeper IV (75 Points) - Hold at least 10 organic Keepers.
Acquire 10 organic Keepers to complete this mark.


Keeper Savior (100 Points) - Hold at least 20 organic Keepers.
Acquire 20 organic Keepers to complete this mark.

Heroes Never Die (100 Points) - Own at least one of the original 40 Keepers.
This is the most mysterious mark of them all, as no one currently knows which Keepers fit the description. The KPR community has been trying to find all 40 since the system went live, make sure to join the Discord to help with the mission!

Club Holo (125 Points) - Hold at least one Holo Keeper.
Of the 10,000 Keepers in existence, 100 are holo, and the rest are organic. Simply acquire one holo KPR to complete this mark.

K0mrads (125 Points) - One K0mrads in the four possible trait categories.
This mark requires owning one k0mrads in each of the following four trait categories: innerwear, outerwear, headgear, and special. Qualifying traits include kromatic headgear, 0day innerwear, molten special, revenant innerwear, headgear, or special, astral headgear, outerwear, or special, defiled innerwear, headgear, or special, and stellar innerwear or outerwear.

Pamp Stan (150 Points) - Hold at least one Keeper with 3 Pamp traits.
This mark is worth the most points for good reason—hardly anyone will be able to complete it. There are four Pamp traits in the KPR collection. One is a special (!Pamp), one is an outerwear (Pamp jacket), and two are headgear (Pamp ushanka and proof of Pamp). That means that to complete this mark, the Keeper must have the !Pamp, Pamp jacket, and one of the Pamp headgear traits. Here are all of the Keepers that fit this profile:

!Pamp, Pamp jacket, Pamp ushanka - Keeper #617

!Pamp, Pamp jacket, proof of Pamp - Keeper #2779

That's right, there are only two in the entire collection. Congratulations to the current holders of these certified grails, and best of luck to everyone else bidding on them!

Maximizing Points

To maximize your points per dollar spent, the strategy is very clear: acquire Keepers that fulfill the requirements of multiple marks. Let's go over some examples.

Keeper #2801 has a 0day exodermic skinsuit (fulfills innerwear requirement of the K0mrads mark), and a molten claymore (fulfills special requirement of the K0mrads mark, completes Claymore Gang mark).

Keeper #2801

Keeper #9968 has an astral inkware parka (fulfills outerwear requirement of the K0mrads mark), a takeout special (fulfills food-related requirement of the Foodie mark), and a 24k faceless headgear trait (completes Vanguard Aurum mark).

Keeper 9968

Additional Key Points

Aside from targeting Keepers that help fulfill multiple mark requirements simultaneously, allow these tips to help guide your journey to maximizing the points you earn.

  • Based on points earned by acquiring them, the most valuable traits in the KPR ecosystem are Holo (125 points) and Helena's Serpent (70 points). This is potentially an early indication of how they may be prioritized moving forward. Be on the lookout for any nice deals that come up!
  • Go after high-point marks first, as they require the rarest, most in-demand traits to complete. Take the Claymore Gang mark, for example. Claymores are some of the most aesthetic and desired traits in the entire collection. Even before marks were available for completion, their floor price was high and very few were listed. With the added demand created by the mark, securing one now is best before listings completely dry up.
  • Don't forget that this is only Sector 1. Presumably, more marks will be launched in the future that include traits not included in this first set of 20. Some traits currently not in high demand could prove to be valuable in the future; now may be your best chance to secure some sweet deals on future points.

Looking Forward

The future of KPR has never been brighter. From day 1, the team has been committed to providing a world-class experience for holders, and they have consistently delivered.

KPR is Web3's wolf in sheep's clothing; a clear top-tier project that hasn't yet seen its quality reflected in the attention earned and floor price achieved. As more experiences are launched and additional holder rewards are revealed, there's no doubt that the project will continue to ascend toward its rightful position at the top of the Web3 ecosystem.

Best of luck to everyone chasing after points, this is only the beginning!

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