Deep Dive: Clone Force

Clone Force has emerged from the prolific RTFKT ecosystem and is capturing a respectable amount of attention in its early stages with epic media and community quests.
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Deep Dive: Clone Force

Clone Force is a quality project generating solid buzz within one of the top ecosystems in Web3. Like Cultivate, it's a prime example of how powerful the RTFKT community is becoming through the Clone X collection and release of its 3D files for creator usage.

Here's everything you need to know about Clone Force!



Clone Force was created by a group of Clone X holders and has the Clone X team’s full support (could there be a partnership or acquisition in the future?). The team has CLEARLY stated that they do not have any direct affiliation with Nike; they look forward to continue building around the Clone X ecosystem.

“We’re Clones from the Clone X community and we’re building on that vision. What you would have probably also already noticed by the interactions on Twitter is that we have their support and that’s all we can really say for the moment.”
Clone Force Journey Map

The ethos of the project is to use storytelling to “bridge the difference between NFT and utility.” Collectors will follow a storyline built to keep the NFTs fresh and engaging; along that path, the NFTs can evolve based on decisions that holders make. The journey begins with the MintStone, “a free-to-mint NFT which is the token gated access to the rest of the collection.”


CF: The Echo - EchoStones are the key item in the CloneForce ecosystem. The EchoStones connect to the other parts of the Journey Map; these future drops will not be paid mints. Burn a MintStone to get an EchoStone.

CF: The Calling - MintStones are burned to acquire an EchoStone (only pay gas fee). They then become a MintStone II, and that can be used for a future drop.

CF: The Rift - This is the collection of MintStone II’s.

CF: The Nexus - This is a collection of Relics that are used to mint Guardians.

CF: The Guardians - The upgradeable avatars of the project.

Clone Force Ecosystem, curtesy of Froogul#4347


YOBS - Co-founder
SAFFAKANERA - Co-founder
TOPRAK3D - Co-founder
EDDSKI - Head of Animation
NOX - Developer

Team Experience

RTFKT, M&C Saatchi, Frost, BBDO, RGA, Proto, Griffin Animation Academy, Google, LVMH, L’Oreal.

Key Lore

"At the dawn of what you would perceive as time, ‘The Founders’ created the Blockchain. The next frontier, a place that came to be known by all inhabitants as the Metaverse. This was a place of unrivaled beauty, a world where everyone was welcome, & all who lived there thrived. As with all creation, balance occurs naturally. For all the purity birthed in the Metaverse, it would be inevitable that dark powers too would manifest. The Founders knew this, and so, created a means to defend the Blockchain. Thus, the EchoStones were forged. This power acts as a fail-safe for our world. A power that calls out for champions when the Blockchain comes under great threat. 7 collosal Stones, hidden deep in The Echo. A place only accessible by holders of a beacon called the MintStone."


I was happily surprised by Clone Force after stumbling upon it in a random tweet. The asset quality and holder journey immediately stood out to me, as well as the loose connection to RTFKT. It’s clear that the project has a high-caliber team that is almost like a gathering of the Avengers from the RTFKT community. They've done an incredible job of capturing attention with epic media, and then retaining it with a highly engaging community quest known as "Trials of the Seven", which resulting in the community being given access to mint Guardians.

I love how this project is building around the RTFKT ecosystem and could ultimately see them working together in a collaboration or acquisition. Currently there is a very low entry point to accumulate Clone Force assets quickly and I think it’s worth a shot. I purchased five Guardians during my research session and am excited about the future of the project!

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