Deep Dive: Apple VR/AR

VR & AR are two of the most exciting technologies being primed to break into mainstream adoption with Apple leading the way.
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Deep Dive: Apple VR/AR

Apple is like the Thanos of technology: whatever new innovations are coming up, it's practically inevitable that the corporation plays a large role in bringing them to global prominence.

Augmented and Virtual Reality (VR & AR) are two of the most exciting technologies being primed to break into mainstream adoption with Apple leading the way.

This is everything you need to know about the future of Apple VR and AR.


Apple is working on two devices: a mixed reality headset and a device people are calling Apple Glasses. These devices, and their competitors from other corporations, will change humanity forever.

The current belief of Apple fans is that the headset will launch sometime in 2023 and be followed up by Apple Glasses, which will be a release that some are saying will be as significant as the launch of the iPhone.

Apple Headset - AR & VR

Concept Apple Headset

Rumored to begin production and launch before Apple Glasses in 2023, Apple's headset will provide both an AR and VR (Mixed Reality) experience to users. This is the current rumor rundown:

  • Trademarks have been spotted for Reality One and Reality Pro branding.
  • Price will be between $2,000 and $3,000, but a cheaper version will arrive years later.
  • Device is expected to be like a typical VR headset, but with exterior cameras and sensors that provide bonus functionality like body tracking and the ability to incorporate real-world environments into a virtual space.
  • May have an ability for users to see through the device for an AR experience.
  • The device will weigh between 300 and 400 grams (a little less than a pound).
  • The priority is using the device in limited time periods for communication, content viewing, and gaming.
  • The headset may feature Iris scanning tech to authenticate users as soon as the device is put on.
  • A patent for smart rings has revealed and hints that these wearables may be used to compliment the headset by tracking finger and hand movements.
Apple Smart Rings

Why is VR so Important?

In the past year, Apple and Facebook have been a number of disputes over what types of data Meta can gain from their iPhone-native users. Meta may have realized that if they want control over their software (their "metaverse" offering), they must control hardware. If people are using Apple's VR headset, it is not farfetched to assume that they would be accessing an Apple-created virtual world instead of Meta's.

In typical Apple fashion, they’ve remained patient and watched Meta jump off the deep end into the metaverse with billions of dollars spent on development that has not shown promising results up to this point.

Meta Avatar

Ultimately VR is invaluable for the future because it's going to be a primary access point to the metaverse. The company that solidifies itself as the dominant player in VR will essentially be the primary gatekeeper to the metaverse and ensure that long-term success will be had in the metaverse. Could the stakes be any higher?

Apple Glasses - AR

The current belief among Apple fanatics is that Apple Glasses will bring Apple's ultimate vision of AR to life, with the aforementioned headset serving as a stepping stone along the way which can be learned from. Here's what Apple fanatics are saying today:

  • Apple Glasses are designed to look and act like an ordinary lightweight pair of glasses.
  • They'll project information and imagery onto the lenses.
  • Current belief is that the glasses will be postponed to 2025-2026 due to design issues.
  • The iPhone will remain the gateway to the Apple universe of products, as the glasses will likely connect to the phone.
  • Glasses will be priced around $400.
  • Device will rely on the iPhone for processing.
  • The glasses are expected to bring information from a user’s iPhone to their eyes, like texts, emails, maps, etc. There will also be third-party apps to drive innovation forward.


I truly don't think there has ever been a more exciting time to be alive as a tech enthusiast. With the metaverse fast approaching with the potential to be a multi-trillion-dollar industry, it's no coincidence that hardware essential to the development of the metaverse is now getting close to seeing the light of day.

The metaverse will not be confined to the virtual domain. Through technology like AR experienced by millions of Apple customers, it will bleed into our reality. When the dust settles and the world has a mature metaverse industry, I won't be surprised if the general consensus is that the launch of Apple VR and AR was as significant as the launch of the iPhone.

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