Triana's 2023 NFT Watch List

Nearly 6,000 words and hundreds of hours of research are unified in this report to guide your 2023 Web3 experience.
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Triana's 2023 NFT Watch List

2023 is every project's chance to capture significant "attention market share". Based on a Q3 2022 report from Messari Research, it's more clear than ever that attention and liquidity have evaporated from the space after a brutal start to what will likely be a long crypto bear market pinned down by widespread financial recessions across the world.

While the average NFT daily trading volumes dropped dramatically, the average number of daily traders witnessed a much smaller decline. This indicates a sticky base of committed users at around 40,000 per day. Volume in dollar terms fell 90% from January. Sales have averaged less than $1 billion per month in Q3 compared to $4.6 billion in Q2. The decline is not only to do with a slowing market for NFTs but also the drop in ETH price which most NFTs use as their base currency. - Tom Dunleavy, Sr. Research Analyst at Messari.

With even fewer participants active today, each person's attention is worth a higher % of the overall attention market. The people who remain in Web3 are presumably strong believers in the future of the industry and will be the best possible supporters for projects to acquire. There has never been a better time in Web3 to gain support from a group of high-conviction people to generate a high customer acquisition ROI in the long term.

In our 2023 NFT Watch List, we've curated a group of NFT projects that are positioning themselves well for incredible success on the other side of this bear market when a new wave of adoption rushes into the space. The teams have proven their resilience and merit time and time again, but have largely remained under the radar of a majority of NFT buyers. In this scenario, the greatest opportunity lies.

Anybodies (Solana): 11.45 SOL Floor

Secondary Market

Anybodies had some bright moments in 2022, but took a step back at the end in the eyes of the general public and has been in floor price decline since mid-November. If we take a look back at their 2022 recap, it's clear that the team is delivering consistently at an industry-best level. Here is some of what the team did:

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