Deep Dive: KPR

KPR is one of the most exciting NFT projects to emerge in 2022, bringing a stacked team, captivating lore, and quality art front-and-center from day 1.
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Deep Dive: KPR

Welcome to KPR, one of the most highly-anticipated NFT projects of 2022! In the Web3 industry so far, seeing projects launch with a stacked roster of qualified team members has been a rare occurrence. With KPR fitting the description, it wouldn't have been hard for an early community member to correctly predict that heads would be turned leading into the mint.

There's a lot to unpack with KPR, and with so much mystery surrounding the project, it feels like there's an exciting future ahead filled with more discovery.

Let's dive in!



KPR is a “brand that focuses on collective narrative and empowering storytellers.” Their world seeks to bring together art, stories, and people to reimagine a new genre of media and entertainment.

The mint started off rocky with a 1-hour delay due to a “pricing discrepancy within the code” where the mint was paused; it was quickly announced that Keepers who bought and held NFTs from the old contract would be airdropped an NFT and refunded what they paid for on secondary.

Despite the hiccup, the project did incredibly well on the open market, raking in 1,300 ETH in volume during the first hour of secondary trading and reaching a floor price of .65 ETH.

Leading up to their mint, they maintained a closed Discord that gradually let people in. There was an initial application process to gain a spot on the “Keepers List” that granted a KPR NFT mint.

Collection Details

NFTs - 10,000
Contract - 0xd2F668a8461D6761115dAF8Aeb3cDf5F40C532C6
Owners - 3,186
Unique Owners - 32%


END - Co-Founder
Adventure - Co-Founder
NOISEWAR - Product Lead
LAFFY - Design Director
KHOA VIET - Principal Artist
MINH HONG - Artist

Team Experience

TreasureDAO, EA, Nexon, Nintendo, IBM, Riot, Toys for Bob, Zitga Studios.

Key Lore

  • Kai was the energy source of Earth
  • An "event" occurred
  • The Keep is where everything of value concentrated after the event; the "last stronghold of all knowledge"
  • Keepers protect the Keep at all costs and are agents of power and change
  • There are two factions: Prisma and Animus
"KPCO is the beating heart of New Eden, with its roots dating back to before the Flicker. KPCO is omnipresent and eternal: it always has been, always is, and always shall be. KPCO has sole and ultimate control over mining, extraction and refining operations at the Keep. Through its independent operations - beyond the reach of politicians and populism - KPCO keeps the lights on and powers all infrastructure within the safe zone."


KPR is built on integrity, professionalism, and humility. The Keepers story represents a shared history, creating a foundation for our continued quest for excellence. We learn, we adapt, and we keep evolving.


The community is the center of everything that we do. We believe in the power of inclusion and diversity of experience and it is through mutual understanding, empathy and respect that we will thrive together.


Keepers are windows into a new world, symbols of transformation, and embody our hopes for the future. We display them with pride as we push each other to reimagine possibilities in physical and digital realities.


"Our Heroes"

KPR is the latest example of a highly qualified team putting in a year+ of work (beginning in 2021 when NFTs exploded) and finally coming to market. This is a new meta that took time to develop and it’s one that will ultimately be incredibly beneficial to the NFT space as a whole, as the bar for quality will continue to rise and the influx of top quality talent will rise alongside it.

From day one, KPR has done three things incredibly well:


Generally NFT websites are pretty lo-fi to start and upgrades come later. KPR came out of the gate with a site better than any other I’ve seen in Web3 other than Star Atlas.


Lore is oftentimes an afterthought. The process in NFTs is typically [ create assets → build IP → create story based on the IP ], which is completely backwards. Lore is the foundation for any project to stand on; in today’s space, it’s what has the power to make a project stand out and truly capture attention if well-executed as in this case.

Quality art

The art is a joy to browse through; I love how the site makes exploring visual content a joyful experience of discovery. The quality is immediately evident and stands out among all other currently existing NFT projects. When connected with the lore, it’s clear that KPR is planning to build a deep experience for their audience, and that much of the groundwork is already laid.

Overall, this project is raising the bar for the entire NFT space from the very beginning. They’re running with a capable team with a strong background and have proven they have the patience to lay the best groundwork possible before launching their product, a refreshing 180 from what typically happens in the NFT space. The only negative counting against the project is that the future of the project is a mystery; great for keeping attention but not so great from a buyer’s perspective. The utility of NFTs and vision of what the tangible product will be is still under wraps, but in due time all will be revealed. I’m excited to keep a close eye on this project as they grow and see a bright future in store for it!

"Cargo Shipment Vanguard Drone Footage - Declassified"

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