Deep Dive: Claynosaurz

As Web3 heads into 2023 after an absolutely insane year, one project has risen to the forefront of attention in the Solana ecosystem. It's time to travel back to distant lands, explore the uncharted, and discover lost artifacts.
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Deep Dive: Claynosaurz

As Web3 heads into 2023 after an absolutely insane year, one project has risen to the forefront of attention in the Solana ecosystem. It's time to travel back to distant lands, explore the uncharted, and discover lost artifacts.

This is everything you need to know about Claynosaurz!


Magic Eden

Claynosaurz is a collection of 10,000 animated NFTs created by a team of superb, leading animation and game industry artists. The project aims to "rewrite the narrative on how successful IP can be built out of Web3."

Their presale was done in a unique way: hand-picked individuals/communities who showed support for the project were granted access and all 2,000 presale NFTs were locked on a 4-week vesting schedule. Nice, I like it.

The collection minted November 26th, 2022, and saw immediate success driven by their high-quality animation and refreshing brand concept (who doesn't love dinosaurs?!). After only a few hours, they hit over 131k in trading volume. After a little over two weeks, they had done 600k in volume.

The project has recently made some promises about random snapshots for delisted NFT holders that will occur "frequently." The buildup of hype has resulted in an average floor price of approx. 75 $SOL across their three already-launched collections.


Genesis - The all-access-pass to the Claynosaurz universe. There are six species of Clayno: Rex, Trice, Stego, Ankylo, Bronto, and Raptor.

These are the main characters of the narrative that the Claynosaurz team is creating. Some holders speculate that it could be important to own one of each species to gain the full benefits of the roadmap.


Sardinhas - It's not yet been revealed what these will be, but community members believe that they will turn into Pterodactyls that could assist the Genesis NFTs in some form during gaming experiences.


Claymakers - Airdropped to people who held a delisted Genesis NFT(s) and Sardinha(s) in a 1:1 ratio. Some Claymakers are rarer than others and they'll be needed "along the journey to the golden eggs."

Claymakers serve the primary purpose of creating gear for your Claynos. They open the door for dynamic utility, upgradeable NFTs, and a wealth of creativity that holders will be able to experience as they progress along the journey that the Claynosaurz team is leading them on.


The first thing I love about the team is that they're Solana ecosystem vets. Some of them minted SMB and Boryoku over a year ago! Claynosaurz has amassed a group of clearly talented artists to pioneer the path for the future of this project. With a vast wealth of experience and a presumably large network of connections across creative mediums around the world, it's easy to feel confident that Claynosaurz is in good hands.

Key Lore

"The Fjordz"

Not much of the story has been revealed yet, but it definitely feels like the team is gearing up for something big with a deep narrative for the collection of characters being created. Here's what we know so far:

  • Claynosaurz gather in a hidden place in the far reaches of the Badlands known as The Lost Oasis. It is a "place of peace and common-ground for weary Claynos."
  • The overall ecosystem of the project is called Claynotopia.


Initially, I wasn't sure what to expect here. My first perspective was that Claynosaurz would simply be another "build a brand" project without much under the surface past the cool art. After diving deep into the project in a research session, I've changed my mind.

From what I can tell, there's a great team behind the project and they're building something that could elevate the entire Solana ecosystem. The brand is refreshing, the art is top-of-industry, they've done a great job of captivating an audience, and an epic gamified experience very well could be in store for the future.


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