A Bitcoin Learning Progression

Bitcoin comes to those who choose to learn and dedicate time—there's no substitute for this commitment.
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How to learn about Bitcoin

If you are someone who has already taken the time to go down the Bitcoin rabbit hole of learning, you know that, as your knowledge grows, so does your conviction.

Given your experience, you understand that, at a fundamental level, Bitcoin is much more than just a form of digital currency. You understand the freedom it offers and the security against inflation that is built into its core.

With each rabbit hole explored, a new one opened up that you never imagined you'd find passion in. You now understand that, through an ever-evolving understanding of Bitcoin, so too does your knowledge of the world evolve. 

You learned about the history of money, what sound money is, and examples of economic disparity and their true causes. You found use cases for Bitcoin in today’s world for the 2 billion “bankless” people and learned about patterns of the world order, the Golden Age, why empires really fail, hyperinflation, sustainable energy, and so much more.

Through your experience learning Bitcoin, you came to understand that there is no replacement for taking the time to sit down and specifically dedicate your time, attention, and interest to a topic. You'd agree that no one can snap their fingers and become an expert. It's impossible to wake up tomorrow with the expertise of Michelangelo and Da Vinci or the knowledge of Oppenheimer and Einstein. Intentional focus and significant dedicated time are paramount to all realms of life.

As a Bitcoin expert, you stand in an optimal position for spreading "the gospel" of the better monetary future it provides. But today, with so many purposefully developed thoughts and opinions on Bitcoin, you may struggle to remember the early stages of your knowledge journey and how daunting the process can be.

A vital question remains for you: How can I best assist others with beginning their journey?

Remember the First Step Is the Most Difficult

For anyone who hasn't gone down the many Bitcoin rabbit holes, chances are they have at least heard of it. However, recognizing “Bitcoin” as a buzzword versus understanding what it means, what it can do, and what its possibilities are, is a completely different conversation. Knowing Bitcoin only as a buzzword remains the reality for most people.

Facing this reality is understanding that people may have a negative opinion of Bitcoin. When someone has a negative opinion about Bitcoin, any conversation you have about Bitcoin may be dedicated to denouncing false claims and issues the other person may have heard. It can be frustrating. Persist anyways.

As you tell beginners more about your understanding of Bitcoin, the conversation will naturally shift to the benefits of Bitcoin. At this point, your conversations and insights have enabled them to overcome the first, most difficult step to understanding. Bitcoin is no longer seen as foreign and daunting; it starts to become an exciting, even wondrous topic.

This is where the lightbulbs go off and the “Orange-Pilling” happens. This is where Bitcoin goes from a buzzword to a word rooted in information and interest. This is where the Bitcoin community cultivates another member.

Be Prepared for Different Processes

Helping someone take the first step to learning about Bitcoin isn't always a straight journey.

More often than not, there are twists and turns, trap doors fallen into, and backward walking before ultimately progressing to the final destination of the Orange Pill. Getting better at being a Bitcoin evangelist starts by understanding how people change at a fundamental level. 

Taking the Orange Pill

The example initial process I described isn’t always the reality. The news cycle and the effect it has on people’s minds is powerful. People don’t like being wrong and people like believing their opinions are the “right” opinions. When faced with information counter to their beliefs, they may become combative.

When educating others, it's important to recognize that these scenarios are completely valid and common. It's your job to validate their feelings, not attack them for having them, and graciously continue to be an educational resource.

Understand How People Change

A powerful quote regarding change comes from The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. It states, “If others change, it’s because they want to change, not because you can change them.” It perfectly summarizes how and why people change.

People don’t change because you want them to. They must have a fundamental desire to change—a decision you cannot make for them.

They must reach a point where they have had enough and want to change or they must uncover something that enables their mind to be opened to new ideas, learnings, and information. Without them finding the means and desire to change, anything they are told runs the risk of being cast aside and ignored. 

As a Bitcoin evangelist, adopting this understanding of change as you educate is imperative to increasing your success.

If you don’t act with this understanding as your guide, you will find yourself becoming burnt out over time as people continue to ignore your attempts to discuss Bitcoin at a deep level.

You can only shout about Bitcoin at Thanksgiving dinner with your in-laws so many times before you are seen as delusional!

You will be the "few" until you are a leader of the "many"

Be an Ally When People Decide to Change

You cannot make others want to learn about Bitcoin nor can you make others interested. You can only be there as a willing and able ally ready to teach and answer questions once the time has finally come.

This ideology is perfectly encapsulated in the Tweet below:

People will grow to understand and embrace Bitcoin when they deserve to do so. The time that they “deserve” Bitcoin is entirely up to them. 

As global adoption of Bitcoin continues, the people around you will rapidly hear more about Bitcoin in their daily lives. As “Bitcoin” becomes a daily fixture, they should naturally want to learn more and gain a better understanding. They may seek guidance in finding good resources to start with, but they will take the provided resources and spend their own time, attention, and mental capacity combing through the material themselves. 

The best way to Orange-Pill someone is to be a perpetual resource for anyone with questions about Bitcoin while also being an asset who supports their learning journey. You can be in their corner and offer tips and tools to learn, but you cannot be the only party committed to their knowledge and belief acquisition.

They must also commit.

Change Will Occur and Time Will Be Spent

This learning journey returns to the original and most important point that there is no substitute for intentional time spent. People are much more likely to retain knowledge and form individual opinions after committing time to learning themselves.

The people who know the most about Bitcoin, and have the highest level of conviction, are people who have dedicated substantial time searching through the infinite rabbit holes that Bitcoin offers.

If you want people to be Orange-Pilled, the best action you can take is to be the understanding, friendly, and available resource they need once they are ready to change. Guide them along their journey with patience, recognizing that everyone's journey is different and presents various struggles along the way.

Remember that there is no substitute for doing the work. There is no substitute for spending the time. Doing the work and spending the time will Orange-Pill us all in due time. 

Again, everyone finds Bitcoin at the price they deserve.

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