Gifts from Prometheus and Satoshi

Prometheus and Satoshi both gave gifts to humanity that enabled civilization to change for the better.
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Gifts from Prometheus and Satoshi

Prometheus is to Satoshi as fire is to Bitcoin. 

To understand this comparison one must understand the sacrifice both Prometheus and Satoshi Nakamoto made, and one must understand what the introduction of fire did for humanity and what Bitcoin will do for humanity. 

The legend of Prometheus birthed the revolution of humanity as we know it today. 

The gift of Satoshi saved, and continues to save, humanity from insurmountable economic crisis. 

The story of Prometheus is one of intense compassion followed by a continuous cycle of personal suffering. In Greek mythology, Prometheus was a Titan who defied the Olympic gods and stole fire to gift to humanity. By giving humanity the knowledge of fire, the ability to make fire, and the technology to play with fire, Prometheus became the reason for all civilization’s development. 

The gift of fire enabled humanity to cook and store food. This gave humans the ability to stockpile meat and know where their next meal would come from. 

The gift of fire enabled humanity to see in the darkness. Gone were the days of using the moonlight to see—torches, candles, and lanterns lit up what was once blackness. 

The gift of fire enabled humanity to utilize fuel. What began as wood fires generating heat turned into combustion engines that burned gas and oil to spark industrial revolutions. 

The gift of fire enabled humanity to rise above the beasts beside them. Humanity became, and remains, the only species to ever play with fire. They have captured its abilities and reaped the rewards of being the fire master. 

Prometheus acted knowing there would be a cost for his actions. Prometheus was condemned to an eternal punishment where he was chained to a rock while an eagle would rip into his skin and devour his liver. Prometheus’ liver would then regrow overnight and the eagle would repeat its feast. This daily personal suffering was what Prometheus endured for the selfless act of blessing humanity with a path forward. 

Prometheus gave so that the many could prosper. 

The story of Satoshi Nakamoto is one, although much less somber, equally as heroic as the acts of Prometheus. Satoshi is the creator of Bitcoin who, shortly after releasing the protocol to the world, vanished. By giving humanity access to Bitcoin, Satoshi became the prophet who brought a solution to the broken financial systems plaguing the world. 

The gift of Bitcoin enables humanity to escape the grasp of inflation. Holders of Bitcoin know there is a fixed supply that will never be adjusted. 

The gift of Bitcoin enables humanity to save for the future without navigating the risks inherent in their own government-issued currency. Currencies lose their value against Bitcoin in the long run, not the other way around. 

The gift of Bitcoin enables humanity to transfer wealth instantly and cheaply. Gone are the times of waiting days and paying huge fees to send money home to your family in another country. 

The gift of Bitcoin enables humanity to return to a system of sound money. The prosperity, innovation, and financial equality seen during times of a Gold Standard will return when the world opts for the inevitable Bitcoin Standard. 

Satoshi willingly opted for a life of anonymity knowing this was the only way Bitcoin could succeed the way it was intended. Satoshi holds a wallet of 1,000,000 Bitcoin that have never moved since they were mined into the wallet. Instead of living off the billions of dollars within that wallet and becoming a public-facing celebrity, Satoshi committed to the selfless act of disappearing. Satoshi vanished into the shadows and in his place, left Bitcoin, the world’s hardest form of currency. In doing so, Satoshi saved humanity in a way no other corporation or government could.

Satoshi gave so that the many could prosper. 

Prometheus gave humanity the “fire” to evolve and prosper. 

Satoshi gave humanity the “fire” needed to keep the world alive and afloat against the world of economic collapse.

Fire and Bitcoin. 

Two innovations that have altered the course of humanity as we know it. 

One gift that sparked an evolution.

One gift that is now sparking a revolution.

Two gifts that changed the world. 

Keep stacking SATs.

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