It Just Works

I don't need to know how a combustion engine or electricity works to receive their benefit. Bitcoin is the same way.
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It Just Works

When innovations impact the world in a large-scale way, the recipients of these wonders do not need to understand the intricate ins and outs of how the impact is possible, they just need to be able to receive the impacts of the wonders when they desire. 

When I turn my car key into the ignition to start the engine, I don’t need to know exactly what happens from an engineering standpoint, nor do I. All I know is a fossil-fueled combustion engine uses energy in the form of heat from burning gas to drive pistons back and forth which results in movement. Every other further scientific understanding is outside of my knowledge base. 

I don’t need to understand the “how,” I just need to experience the “what.” In this case, the “what” is the ability to easily and comfortably travel distances in a method of private transportation at a speed and level of efficiency that outside of approximately 50 to 75 years ago, was not remotely possible. 

This same thought process can be applied to electricity. When I walk into a room and flip the light switch, I don’t need to know how power is taken from the grid and transferred to the lights in the room or any of the other steps involved in this process. All I desire when my fingers touch the light switch is to harness the power of light faster than I can blink. The “how” for how the magic of light entered my room is irrelevant as I bask in the power of the “what,” the instantaneous and constant ability to see regardless of the sun shining. 

Through the innovations of the combustion engine and electricity, we live in a world where we can hardly imagine a world without them. We enjoy these components of convenience seemingly without even acknowledging them as marvels–we take them for granted. 

We take them for granted because they work how we expect them to, when we expect them to. 

We take them for granted because these innovations have evolved to be highly efficient and instant solutions that work because they work

Bitcoin is a similar innovation to the combustion engine in our vehicles and the electricity powering our homes and the world around us. 

Its existence will change the course of humanity and we are currently in the early days of its impact lifecycle. The early days that mimic the path of electricity and the combustion engine. The days when people doubted what lights could do and held their candles close. The days when people still thought having a “faster horse” would solve their transportation issues. 

“Bitcoin is like early electricity. Raw, dangerous, seems very volatile and hard to use. With time it'll start to feel safer, easier and normal. Like electricity it will inspire and power new unimaginable industries. And one day we’ll wonder how did we live without it?" —ObiWan KenoBit. 

People question Bitcoin because they don’t understand the “how” behind it. However, questioning the “how” is only a question because of how early we are in the adoption cycle. We will reach a point where understanding every intricate detail of Bitcoin’s “how” is nothing more than a novelty to many. 

I find it enjoyable to dive down the rabbit hole of understanding “how” Bitcoin works because I am interested in this topic. I like understanding how mining works and what the Proof of Work functionality means for the protocol. I like diving into self-custody methods and theories behind the network effect of Bitcoin. I dive into these topics because I want to. These are personal preferences and mimic if I were an electrical engineer who was fascinated with learning everything there is to learn about electricity. But understanding the “how” as it relates to Bitcoin is nothing more than following a passion. 

Understanding the “how” of this innovation is once again, not a requirement because of how well Bitcoin executes the “what” behind it. 

Bitcoin is a decentralized peer-to-peer network that offers true monetary scarcity. 

Bitcoin executes this “what” perfectly and is set to continue executing this simple process for the next millennium. 

Bitcoin just works. 

Through Bitcoin’s continued operation, and similar to how whole industries sprung to life through the infiltration of the combustion engine and electricity into our society, Bitcoin and its far-reaching webs will become entrenched within our world. 

Just like how I don’t think about my car not starting or my lights not turning on but rather expect the alternative—instant access to private transportation and the ability to see whenever I want—there will once be a day when everyone uses Bitcoin without thinking about anything other than how easy and simple it is to achieve the extraordinary “what” Bitcoin produces. 

That future will be here sooner than we realize. 

Stack SATs.

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