The Infinite Money Glitch

The long-term glitch for infinite money is to take your depreciating fiat currency and swap it for the appreciating Bitcoin.
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The Infinite Money Glitch

Michael Saylor has found the circular path for infinite money. 

A self-fulfilling cycle that has no cap on the returns possible. 

Since Microstrategy adopted the Bitcoin standard, Saylor has been committed to buying more Bitcoin. That is step one. 

As Bitcoin goes up in price, the total assets in the Microstrategy treasury, an already profitable company, also increase. With the value of the assets in the treasury increasing, this leads to an increase in the stock price for $MSRT. That is step two. 

Then Saylor and Microstrategy leverage their assets to take out debt with extremely low interest rates, less than one percent APR. That is step three. 

Then Saylor buys more Bitcoin and the cycle starts over. 

Assuming Bitcoin is the apex store of value and apex asset class overall, this is a glitch in the system that lets Microstrategy continue to use fiat debt to secure the much more enticing and long-term profitable Bitcoin. 

This is game theory on another level where there is a means to an end. An end where there isn’t enough Bitcoin to spread around for all of the billionaires, corporations, and entities that want their share of the pie without driving the price to astronomical levels. 

This is a leveraged cycle where Saylor and Microstrategy are trusting that, over the span of years, the Bitcoin they purchase will go up in value and easily cover the debt repayments and the subsequent interest payments. Their bet is based on their conviction that everything loses value against Bitcoin over the long term and that Bitcoin is an asset primed to go up forever. 

With that belief, any dollar spent today contributing to their Bitcoin supply will be worth it in the future. 

Saylor and Microstrategy are playing chess while other corporations are still playing checkers. The game is about securing as much of the apex asset as possible. Microstrategy may have been first but they will not be the last corporation to jump in on this infinite loop revolving toward the top. 

Individuals won’t come close to getting the low interest rates that Saylor and Microstrategy get. Saylor is a billionaire and gets billionaire rates. But the infinite money glitch can be applied in slightly differentiated ways no matter who you are. 

The glitch and how it can be applied in your life is very simple: 

Buy Bitcoin. 


Buy more Bitcoin. 


Buy even more Bitcoin. 


See you in a couple of years. 

If you believe in Bitcoin, this glitch makes sense for your life individually. You are taking your fiat currency, a currency that is dramatically losing its purchasing power year after year due to the money printing machine and the grips of inflation, and swapping it out for the apex asset in the world—Bitcoin. 

Every purchase of Bitcoin today is a vote for yourself, your family, and your descendants that you are staking a claim in fighting against the currency devaluation current fiat systems offer. Utilizing your fiat today, while it still has value, to swap for Bitcoin sets you up with the best chance to avoid massive losses in purchasing power as the fiat currency you hold continues to feel the effects of inflation. 

Stack SATs.

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