Bitcoin Is No Company

You can buy Bitcoin and you can buy a company stock. That's where the similarities stop. Bitcoin is no company, and it's better that way.
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Bitcoin Is No Company

Many people who first look to invest in Bitcoin or attempt to grasp an understanding of Bitcoin immediately relate Bitcoin to companies that are listed on the public markets. People relate Bitcoin to stocks they can purchase because stock investments are an anchoring point for relatability and offer a basis for what Bitcoin can be compared to from an investing perspective. 

In reality, it is merely the idea of an investment that is similar between the two. Both investments offer a conscious choice to defer short-term possession of your money for an expected return on your investment in the future. 

Everything else aside from the potential of a return on your investment is different because Bitcoin is not a company and the rules it follows are different than any stock you would buy. 

When people discuss stock performances and future outlooks of the market their conversations are all based on the information they know, or believe, to be true, and their assessment of how it will impact the market. These conversations are similar to how anyone would discuss Bitcoin from an investment standpoint. Both conversations are based on conviction of the future.

How these conversations are different when projecting the future of Bitcoin compared to a company’s stock performance lies in the underlying reasons for growth. 

A company may have a vocal and prominent founder who can display core values and a guiding goal for the future. A company may proclaim a roadmap with goals, product innovations, and other benchmarks they aim to achieve in the future. 

Public companies have earnings calls, reports, investor calls, boards, and many more public pieces of information that help shape the direction and perceived perception of how the company is performing. These pieces of information all shape the perceived value of the company. 

If a company fails to hit its earnings report, its stock will decline in value. If a company has a founder with a run-in with the law, their stock will decline in value. If a company has a product issue resulting in a PR fiasco, its stock will decline. 

Bitcoin was founded anonymously by Satoshi Nakamoto and left to be guided by the network effects of people adopting the network. There is no public founder, no marketing team, and no one entity that is publicly responsible for the success of Bitcoin like there is for any publicly traded company. There are only the people who adopt and use the Bitcoin network.

Bitcoin has no earnings report, has no founder who must maintain good behavior, and has no product issues that can suddenly cause a fire. There are many narratives about Bitcoin but none are driven by a core internal team or from failing to perform to numbers that are expected. Bitcoin is once again, driven by the people and the people who use the network. Bitcoin answers to the people whereas companies answer to the people inside the company and the expectations for how the company should perform.

Bitcoin is no company, it is a decentralized network of adopters. 

Every other company has a core group of creators, investors, and team members that all stand to gain in various amounts depending on the company’s success. Companies need direction, growth, innovation, and goals to achieve to survive. 

Bitcoin needs an internet connection, that’s it. 

Investing in a stock is placing your money in the belief that the people at the company will perform how you want them to. 

Investing in Bitcoin is placing your money in the belief that the web of people adopting the network will continue to expand to erase the gaps in the current financial system. 

Investing in a stock is investing in a singular entity and vision created by the founders of a company. 

Investing in Bitcoin is investing in the unlimited and infinite potential of a decentralized and global monetary system. 

One investment ties you to the wishes of one company. 

One investment ties you to the wishes of the world.

Understand and see the difference. 

Understand and see that Bitcoin is not a company, Bitcoin is a world movement. 

Stack SATs. 

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