The Luxury to Not Buy Bitcoin

People who live with a "stable" fiat currency live in a luxury where they can get confused that they don't "need" Bitcoin. This isn't a luxury for everyone.
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The Luxury to Not Buy Bitcoin

Navigate to your financial accounts. 

Specifically your bank account.

Either through your smartphone or on your computer, you are just a couple of clicks or taps away. 

Open it and look at your balance.

See the digital number reflecting back at you. 

This digital dollar amount reflects your livelihood and ability to freely transact. 

Now open your wallet or purse. 

Find your driver’s license. 

An identification card that lets you apply for loans, and credit cards, and drive a motorized vehicle. 

Go in your closet or unlock your safe and look at your picture on your passport. 

A handheld booklet that lets you freely travel the globe and safely return back to your home. 

With these points of identity, you have more unlocked than billions of people in the world. 

You are in the top echelon of the world concerning your freedom. 

Having a bank account is a luxury. 

Without access to a bank account, your life would be dramatically different.

Having IDs is a luxury. 

Without them, you would be unable to do normal activities you do every day and unable to easily travel to other countries. 

But the biggest luxury is living in a society that has a relatively stable currency. A currency that is not infected at the hands of hyperinflation. Don’t worry, you still have inflation but the government assures you that this is inevitable and completely normal. Your inflation just hasn’t reached the atrocious levels deemed to be “hyper.”

If you live in the United States and are reading this, congratulations! As of the time of writing, your dollar is the global currency of the world. Essentially any country you go to will take it as payment.  

You also can go to the store tomorrow and see essentially the same prices as you saw today. You don’t have to worry about waking up and suddenly have your cost of living dramatically different than when you went to bed.

 You have the luxury to only experience minor inconveniences in the short term at the hands of inflation. Sure, prices are more expensive than they were last year–and don’t get me started on how much cheaper gas was when my parents were younger, but overall, the inflation in our economy lets us breathe. 

That is, inflation lets us breathe for now. 

But every day and every year, as the money printer continues to create more dollars out of thin air, inflation’s grip becomes tighter and tighter around our necks. That bag of chips that was $3 last year is $3.25 this year. A gallon of gas that was $2.80 at some point in recent memory never goes below $3 anymore. These changes in prices will continue to become more apparent if nothing is done to halt the money printer. 

Putting the future aside, you have the luxury to not really think about any of this if you choose not to. 

It’s in this luxury, coupled with the easy access to bank accounts and valid identification that people feel they don’t need Bitcoin. 

“A lot of the dismissals, criticisms, and attacks on Bitcoin come from people who have the luxury of having a stable financial system.” – Alex Gladstein

It’s in this luxury that people don’t think about Bitcoin.

It’s in this luxury that people will stick to the dollar, or whatever currency their country uses until it is too late. 

For billions of people around the world who are “bankless,” Bitcoin will continue to be an option that opens the world of savings to families. 

For people with no valid identification, a Bitcoin wallet is a download away. 

For people in rural towns with no bank nearby, a Bitcoin wallet is a download away. 

For people in countries that are riddled with hyperinflation, Nigeria, Argentina, Venezuela, and many, many more, people opt out of their financial rails in favor of Bitcoin not out of a want, but rather out of necessity. They don’t have the luxury people in stable financial systems have. 

When they wake up and see their family life savings devalued by 30%, they realize saving in fiat currency is a zero-sum game. Eventually, inflation will destroy what they own if what they own is only backed by a government decree saying it has value. 

For all of these people, they don’t have the luxury we have. They don’t have the luxury to not think about a better way to store value. They have to opt out of their current financial systems or they run the risk of being unable to provide for their families by the time next week’s paycheck comes their way. 

People in these countries, with these daily realities, don’t care about the luxury of not buying Bitcoin, they only think about the necessity they have for using Bitcoin. 

For people who have the luxury to not buy Bitcoin, the sad reality is the days of having this luxury are numbered. Eventually the money printer and debt spiral will reach their limit. 

This has happened with every fiat monetary system in every empire ever. One day, inflation finally reached its day of reckoning. That day is coming. 

Before this happens, realize the current luxury you have and take steps to ensure you are prepared for a world of hyperinflation even if that isn’t your current reality. 

Be aware of how privileged you are to be born where you were born. 

But don’t be ignorant to the looming storm that is coming your way.

That looming cloud of hyperinflation could be here tomorrow. 

It could be here next month. 

It could be here five years from now. 

I don’t know exactly when, but I know it is coming. 

I want to be prepared and so should you. 

Stack SATs.

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