Episode 1: Elli De Gouveia

An overview of Elli De Gouveia's entrepreneurial journey and how he's working to change the world through Anybodies, his SAAS company disrupting loyalty rewards with blockchain technology.
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Episode 1: Elli De Gouveia

Show Notes

0:30 - What have you been up to today?

4:20 - How long has fundraising been your main focus?

6:40 - Why should people care about Anybodies?

10:04 - Anybodies x Solana Foundation

19:55 - What was it like pivoting Anybodies?

33:38 - What has your entrepreneurial journey been, and where does that spirit come from?

49:00 - What does the Anybodies team do better than any other team in Web3?

51:00 - Why isn't Anybodies number 1?

57:00 - Why is your daily routine and keys to success?

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Bart Hillerich - Triana
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