Bitcoin's Circular Nature

Bitcoin is an everyone-wins system. Every action acted upon the Bitwork network is felt by everyone else.
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Bitcoin's Circular Nature

There is no system, product, corporation, or country in the world where the workings of individual people, groups of people, companies, and countries all compound upon each other like what happens with Bitcoin. 

Every other system, industry, or corporation has underlying goals that enable there to be some winners and some losers. This is not the case with Bitcoin. 

The reason for this lies in Bitcoin’s very operational nature. It isn’t a company or entity with underlying goals, it only has a purpose. It doesn’t need you. 

It doesn’t need me. 

It doesn’t do politics. 

It doesn’t have emotion. 

Bitcoin exists to perform its function as a decentralized peer-to-peer electronic cash system with strict scarcity programmed into its core. 

That’s it. 

Bitcoin has no other agenda than servicing this function. 

Like how a computer operates, it performs the intended function in a binary way. There are no opinions, there are only 0’s and 1’s. There are no opinions or debates. What Bitcoin is told to do by its foundational code is what it will do. 

Bitcoin as a system may be built to last a millennium independently but it will be the people and companies of today working in symbiotic ways that will usher in the next millennium of Bitcoin adoption and Bitcoin production.

The actions people enact upon the Bitcoin network compound, no matter how big or small, all contribute to the total purpose of Bitcoin.  

Remember, every dollar you spend via the form of Bitcoin at a merchant is a vote toward the continued creation and adoption of the Bitcoin network and a vote against the current fiat system. These votes add up. These votes build the path to overthrowing the current system in favor of the Bitcoin network. 

The Bitcoin circular economy is uniquely set up to incentivize people, companies, and countries to work toward the common goal of utilizing the Bitcoin network.

This industry and market doesn’t have a winner-take-all outcome. Rather, it has an “everyone wins” ideology because the finality of this market is that humanity returns to a method of sound currency. This finality is reached through building and working toward a better future. With this outcome, everyone in the world wins. Contributing and building upon the Bitcoin network is accepting that you are part of a global movement that desires a better tomorrow at the expense of work done today. 

With every innovation, every new person adopting the network, and every “vote” to use the network, the reach of Bitcoin compounds. 

This is a stark reality to entities in the fiat world. In the fiat world, regardless of the movement or idea a person, corporation, or country claims to be a part of, there will inherently be a pyramid where winners can be defined. The top of the pyramid will be the biggest winners and the winners in this system mean that other people lost. In the fiat world, people win at the expense of others because they are incentivized to win in the now compared to a future point in town. Building in the fiat world admits a selfish mentality that defers a better future for the allure of a better today. 

“The fiat cheat code is a scheme that perpetuates theft, degradation of society, and enslavement, all for the sake of enriching those who pull its levers. The Bitcoin cheat code offers an antidote- a system that enables individual sovereignty, liberty, and flourishing. A society of cooperation by aligned incentives rather than coercion” – Brian E. De Mint in Parallel: The Bitcoin Social Layer. 

The very nature of how Bitcoin was built and the structure behind Bitcoin enable it to facilitate this mass network effect flywheel for individuals, companies, and nation-states to build upon it constructively. When builders build on and with Bitcoin, and when adopters use Bitcoin and the systems built upon it, everyone in the network wins. 

It is through the work of these individuals, companies, and nation-states that Bitcoin will continue emerging from a buzzword and a seemingly foreign entity to one that is foundational to all of society. 

As more and more people, companies, and nation-states build upon Bitcoin, the flywheel effect takes place. With every subsequent build, iteration, and progression of an idea or product that is built on Bitcoin, that flywheel gains momentum. 

As the building continues, we will eventually reach a point where the flywheel reaches a critical inflection point where suddenly all of the potential energy stored inside turns into kinetic energy that perpetually moves the blades of the wheel. Once movement of the flywheel reaches terminal velocity, it will be impossible to stop.

Stack SATs.

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